Nov 25 2016

What To Do About Negative Reviews

There are many review sites online and Yelp is probably the leading name on the list. This is not strange because Yelp has millions of monthly visitors and reviews. With the increasing numbers of smartphone users, reading Yelp reviews has become very easy and convenient. Although, this is a good thing to many businesses, it also brings with it a minor problem. That is negative reviews.

A 5-star Yelp review can reel more customers in. However, if someone posts a 1-star review and it sticks there for weeks, months or even years, this review would scare away customers.

How to address these negative reviews?

Other business owners would address these negative reviews in a poor way. They will engage a messy public argument that would only further damage their reputation.

• After receiving a negative review, the business should instead reach out to the disgruntled customer. Try to correct the situation offline. It is better to negotiate and resolve the problem privately.

• Show some empathy, offer an apology and correct the issue. These things are important, especially if you are the one at fault.

• Do the right thing and cool down the situation. Do everything to satisfy the customer. Try reimbursing them or giving them a discount on their purchase and make sure they would receive a better service than before.

• When receiving a negative review, consider reassessing your products or service. Are your products and service good enough to satisfy your customers? Or perhaps, you have there are some problems with your staff that should be addressed before it gets worse. It is always your best interest to listen to your customer’s opinions.

• Finally, if the reviews are truly defamatory, false and malicious, then seek a professional help. Try to see if there are measures that can stop the accuser and clear your name.

Not all negative reviews are bad. Actually, they can help in further improving the business. Moreover, not every user believes in negative reviews. Yes, they would read them but they would do so with a grain of salt. They know that they cannot always trust the opinion of a stranger. Most of all, negative reviews will happen because no business is perfect; it is impossible to please everyone.

Nonetheless, if you want all positive reviews, you can always consider buy business review to offset the negative reviews.

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