Oct 24 2016

What is Rehab

It is not easy to acknowledge addiction, whether it is illegal drugs or alcohol and it is even more difficult to try your best to recover. That’s why some people would seek rehab programs in order to sober up and change their lives. However, some people are worried about the rehab process. They are worried because it is unknown to them.

But what is addiction rehab really?

Simply put, rehabs are treatment programs designed to help people get over with their addiction. These programs will help struggling addicts change their life into a healthier, happier and more sober.

What happens during rehab?

Usually, rehab treatments offered by drug rehab center are tailored according to the needs of each person. Rehab treatments may vary in many ways but they all follow the same formula.

• Detox

• Therapy

• Aftercare

Detox is always the first part of any addiction treatment. Like the word suggests, the person would have to detoxify his body in order to get rid of the toxic influences in the body. The detox experience may vary depending on the substance abused or how long was person abusing it. During the detox period, the person would experience withdrawal, which is unpleasant and somehow dangerous. But with proper treatment and supervision, it is possible to reduce the suffering and discomfort.

After detox, next is therapy. Therapy sessions, whether individual or group therapy, would help address the causes of a person’s addiction and it would offer a safe and confidential place for a person to talk about his life, worries and everything that has caused pain and troubles. It is a place that allows a person to talk without inhibitions and have someone who will attentively listen and provide guidance and support. This way, the person would be healed not only of his addiction but also be healed of his worries and problems, while learning how to adapt to society and maintain sobriety.

The last step of rehab is aftercare. Basically, it is the development of the appropriate plans that will help a person remain sober and functional in the society. This may include on going therapy, finding a sober living arrangement, skills training and anything that is necessary to help a person get back on his feet.

How long does it take?

Rehab doesn’t have a specific period of time. Rehab facilities may offer 30-day, 60-day, 90-day or even longer rehab treatments. It can also be in-patient or out-patient rehabilitation. The period needed for rehabilitation would always depend on many things. First would be the severity of addiction. Then there’s the substance used, behavioural concerns, health conditions, mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of a person.

But can it cure addiction.

No! Rehab is not a cure for addiction. In fact, addiction has no cure. It can only be curbed and managed. No matter how long the rehab process is, recovery doesn’t conclude after it. It is an ongoing process and one has to be dedicated to it.

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