Sep 29 2014

Making Grilled Cheese Healthy


Grilled cheese is one of the most favourite sandwiches to most people. It is a comfort food that is loved by many, including me. I like to savour the hot and crispy toast and the melted cheese – together it is a heaven. However, unlike the healthy sandwiches you find in certain healthy fast food Chicago restaurants like Pockets, grilled cheese is a sandwich that would surely tighten your arteries for it is high in fats and calories. Although the nutritional value of grilled cheese is low, you can still make it more nutritious if you want.

If you are planning to make grilled cheese, instead of regular white bread, use whole-grain bread. This makes your sandwich healthier and richer in fiber. You can also use whole-grain bread on many other types of sandwiches like ham, tuna, chicken and etc. Consuming whole-grain bread will help in regulating blood sugar levels and make the body more vigorous than before.

Since there’s no rule saying you have to use only one particular cheese when it comes to grilled cheese, you can use your choice of cheese. If you want to have a healthier grilled cheese, then choose cheese that are low in fat like edam, emmental, gruyere, feta, ricotta and mozarella or low sodium cheeses like brick, goat cheese, cream cheese and swiss.

To make your grilled sandwich even healthier, reduce the amount of cheese you put into it and if you are used to adding condiments like salt and others that are high in sodium, try to reduce the amount you put or avoid doing so. Additionally, instead of margarine or butter, use olive oil. Olive oil is healthier than margarine or butter. Moreover, add fresh veggies like tomato, zucchini, lettuce or others to increase your grilled cheese’s nutritional value.

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