Apr 30 2015

Life Insurance Is Good Thing

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Well, it is a known fact that life insurance is very important. It is important because when the time comes wherein we have to leave our family behind because of certain circumstances caused by sickness, accidents or perhaps murder, we know we would still be able to provide for them.

But the importance of having life insurance is belittled by many people. It’s hard to admit but the fact is, a lot of people are uninsured. They are uninsured either by choice or by something they cannot control (expensive premiums or cannot afford an insurance).

What makes it even worse is the fact that there are a few people who believe they don’t need life insurance in Texas. They believe that life insurances are just money making scheme made by the rich and the powerful so that they could become richer and more powerful. It is just a tool to trample and use the average Joe and Mary. Yes, there’s a tinge truth here but overall, it is still utter nonsense.

Yes, there are insurance companies that charge high premiums and don’t cover all the benefits but not all insurance companies are like that. I mean, my mother used to work for an insurance company and she often tells me stories about beneficiaries thanking her about their services and assistance. For me, those people who feel oppressed by certain insurance companies are either the unlucky individuals who were preyed upon by these companies or those who are just dumb enough to fall prey themselves.

I strongly believe life insurances are a good thing. That is what my mother have taught me and I would always other people to get insured because it would do them more good than harm.

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