Mar 10 2014

My First Post

Honestly, it was difficult for me to write my first piece here in my blog. I tried to skype some of my friends to give me an advice or an idea on what to write about my blog and they said things that you would usually see in most blogs – a post about yourself, about what you like or something that interests you. Well, I agree it would have been a good idea but I want something different. I want a unique content for my very first post.

It took me several minutes before I could write the first few words, but I was unsatisfied with it. I tried to think of another idea but it was still not convincing enough. I had to spend half an hour writing, erasing and rewriting my ideas and then another fifteen minutes trying to compose a good post in my mind. When I was close to giving up, a stroke of genius came to me. Why won’t I write about how difficult it was for me to write my first post?


Now here’s the result of that genius idea. A post written spontaneously without pausing for a minute. I wrote this while I was munching on the PB&J sandwich I have prepared earlier. I wrote this while I was thinking how smart I am. I wrote this while I was thinking loud to myself. Now that I am writing the last sentence of my post, I feel relieved to have ended this with a solid PERIOD.


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