Feb 26 2015

Declutter Before You Move

Stallion Moving

Moving is an experience that combines excitement and anxiety, which would gradually increase as the day for the move draws nearer and nearer. And if you are moving by yourself, then this feeling of excitement and anxiety would multiply. But if you get local moving company, then the only feeling that would multiply is the excitement since you would feel less anxious because you would have professional movers to help you with your move.

Anyways, we are not talking about moving companies here. We are gonna talk about what many people fail to do when they are going to move. And that is purging the clutter. Many people do not purge their clutter when they are planning to move. They continue to ignore the importance of decluttering that before they would even notice it, it is the day of the move and they need to be out of the house right away. Then they would realize that they cannot move right away because of all the clutter they have accumulated. This is why, before you move, start decluttering right away. I mean, you should separate the essential items to the non-essential ones. If you were able to declutter right away, you would have no trouble moving when the time comes.

But the problem with decluttering is that there are people who have attachments to their clutter… even if they haven’t used it… even if it useless or actually garbage. So when you are decluttering, you have to be prepared and be honest to yourself. If you don’t really need it, wouldn’t it be better to leave it there or throw it away rather than take it with you?

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