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Dec 21 2016

Christmas drives me insane

I still remember when I was a kid that whenever someone mentions that Christmas is fast approaching, I can’t help but smile in anticipation. It was a joy to hang Christmas decorations and lights together with my family. During Christmas Eve the entire family gathers together to celebrate, play, sing songs and talk about what happened for the past year. It was really a joyful thing.

But now, I don’t think so.

This time of year, I often go bonkers, I mean crazy. And I believe a lot of people do so and it isn’t their fault. It’s just the holiday season driving us mad.

The holiday season would always drive me mad. It is a very busy season full of crazy schedules and strict deadlines from work. There’s also the crazy traffic. The rude people. The terrible shopping experience. The long lists. The budgeting. The pressure from parents and relatives.

And sometimes, I realize I am not ready for Christmas. I haven’t decorated yet. I don’t have a Christmas tree. I haven’t prepared greeting cards. I don’t even know what to buy as presents. Worst of all, my parents are coming for the holidays and there’s nothing for Christmas dinner… or breakfast.

Ahh! The joy of Christmas… it really drives me mad.

I really envy kids. They are too innocent and have eyes full of joy and expectations. I wish I could go back as a kid and truly enjoy Christmas without any worries.  But sad to say, that is an impossible thing. As an adult, I just have to accept this fate. This season will always drive me insane.

Mar 31 2015

Inconsiderate Colleagues

download (4)I just don’t understand my colleagues. Even though there’s no reason for them to laugh at the misfortune of others. They would still laugh and make fun of it even more. I don’t know whether they are inconsiderate pricks or just plain stupid.

Maybe we had different upbringing. When I was still a kid, I was told never to laugh at the misfortune of others. Whenever I make the mistake, I would often face reprimand and iron hand of discipline from my parents, especially from my mother.

Because of how I was brought by my parents, I have come to understand that we should be considerate of other people and never laugh at their misfortunes, no matter how funny it could be.  It is wrong. Furthermore, we shouldn’t do this because we wouldn’t want it to happen to us. For me, I don’t want to be laughed at and definitely I wouldn’t do the same thing to others, well unless if that person is the one who wants to be laughed at.

Dec 29 2014

Merry Christmas!

Well, wouldn’t it be nice to greet people Merry Christmas in a different language? That would be really awesome right? Don’t fret. I got you covered. Here’s a video on how you could say Merry Christmas in other languages. Oh but take note, I am not sure their pronunciation is right. That’s the gist of it. And by the way, Maligayang Pasko. That’s Merry Christmas in Filipino. My friend taught me that!

Jun 14 2014

Something is Definitely Wrong With Me

I was scrolling down my Facebook looking for something interesting when I saw a high school classmate of mine showing her marriage pics. I was surprised because another high school classmate got married… again. And then a few pics later, I saw another one sharing the pictures of her daughter. And as I continued to scroll down, I noticed that there were really a lot of my high school batchmates that are either in a relationship or planning to settle down or have families of their own already. While I on the other hand am single and still not interested in any of those. Seriously, I am 27 and I still find myself having no interest in romance. Is there something wrong with me? Someone please tell me what is wrong with me!

Mar 10 2014

My First Post

Honestly, it was difficult for me to write my first piece here in my blog. I tried to skype some of my friends to give me an advice or an idea on what to write about my blog and they said things that you would usually see in most blogs – a post about yourself, about what you like or something that interests you. Well, I agree it would have been a good idea but I want something different. I want a unique content for my very first post.

It took me several minutes before I could write the first few words, but I was unsatisfied with it. I tried to think of another idea but it was still not convincing enough. I had to spend half an hour writing, erasing and rewriting my ideas and then another fifteen minutes trying to compose a good post in my mind. When I was close to giving up, a stroke of genius came to me. Why won’t I write about how difficult it was for me to write my first post?


Now here’s the result of that genius idea. A post written spontaneously without pausing for a minute. I wrote this while I was munching on the PB&J sandwich I have prepared earlier. I wrote this while I was thinking how smart I am. I wrote this while I was thinking loud to myself. Now that I am writing the last sentence of my post, I feel relieved to have ended this with a solid PERIOD.