Dec 9 2014

An Advice In Buying A New House

When you are planning to purchase a new house, there would be tons of questions you would want to ask. Usually you would ask questions like:

Is this the perfect house for me?

Is it worth buying?

How old is the house?

How is the house constructed and what are the construction materials used?

How much would it cost?

Is it safe to live in?

What’s the history of the house?

And those are just some of the many questions buyers would ask and sometimes there are even unreasonable questions that would surely surprise home sellers. But sometimes, they end up forgetting one particular question that they should actually ask.


When you are buying a house, make sure you ask this question. Although you might not get an honest answer (so many dishonest realtors these days) it wouldn’t be a bad thing to ask this question. You have the right to ask this question. After all, you need to make sure you would make a wise investment and it wouldn’t be a good thing if you ended up buying a house that has termite infestation. NO ONE WANTS TO LIVE IN A HOUSE WITH TERMITES!!!

Just to be safe, you should bring Temecula termite control with you. Having a professional to do a thorough inspection would surely give you a peace of mind. It will give you the reassurance that the house you are considering to buy is safe and sound. However, if the seller or realtor refuses to have a thorough inspection from the professional you brought with you, then this is a bad sign.

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