Dec 21 2016

Christmas drives me insane

I still remember when I was a kid that whenever someone mentions that Christmas is fast approaching, I can’t help but smile in anticipation. It was a joy to hang Christmas decorations and lights together with my family. During Christmas Eve the entire family gathers together to celebrate, play, sing songs and talk about what happened for the past year. It was really a joyful thing.

But now, I don’t think so.

This time of year, I often go bonkers, I mean crazy. And I believe a lot of people do so and it isn’t their fault. It’s just the holiday season driving us mad.

The holiday season would always drive me mad. It is a very busy season full of crazy schedules and strict deadlines from work. There’s also the crazy traffic. The rude people. The terrible shopping experience. The long lists. The budgeting. The pressure from parents and relatives.

And sometimes, I realize I am not ready for Christmas. I haven’t decorated yet. I don’t have a Christmas tree. I haven’t prepared greeting cards. I don’t even know what to buy as presents. Worst of all, my parents are coming for the holidays and there’s nothing for Christmas dinner… or breakfast.

Ahh! The joy of Christmas… it really drives me mad.

I really envy kids. They are too innocent and have eyes full of joy and expectations. I wish I could go back as a kid and truly enjoy Christmas without any worries.  But sad to say, that is an impossible thing. As an adult, I just have to accept this fate. This season will always drive me insane.

Nov 25 2016

What To Do About Negative Reviews

There are many review sites online and Yelp is probably the leading name on the list. This is not strange because Yelp has millions of monthly visitors and reviews. With the increasing numbers of smartphone users, reading Yelp reviews has become very easy and convenient. Although, this is a good thing to many businesses, it also brings with it a minor problem. That is negative reviews.

A 5-star Yelp review can reel more customers in. However, if someone posts a 1-star review and it sticks there for weeks, months or even years, this review would scare away customers.

How to address these negative reviews?

Other business owners would address these negative reviews in a poor way. They will engage a messy public argument that would only further damage their reputation.

• After receiving a negative review, the business should instead reach out to the disgruntled customer. Try to correct the situation offline. It is better to negotiate and resolve the problem privately.

• Show some empathy, offer an apology and correct the issue. These things are important, especially if you are the one at fault.

• Do the right thing and cool down the situation. Do everything to satisfy the customer. Try reimbursing them or giving them a discount on their purchase and make sure they would receive a better service than before.

• When receiving a negative review, consider reassessing your products or service. Are your products and service good enough to satisfy your customers? Or perhaps, you have there are some problems with your staff that should be addressed before it gets worse. It is always your best interest to listen to your customer’s opinions.

• Finally, if the reviews are truly defamatory, false and malicious, then seek a professional help. Try to see if there are measures that can stop the accuser and clear your name.

Not all negative reviews are bad. Actually, they can help in further improving the business. Moreover, not every user believes in negative reviews. Yes, they would read them but they would do so with a grain of salt. They know that they cannot always trust the opinion of a stranger. Most of all, negative reviews will happen because no business is perfect; it is impossible to please everyone.

Nonetheless, if you want all positive reviews, you can always consider buy business review to offset the negative reviews.

Oct 24 2016

What is Rehab

It is not easy to acknowledge addiction, whether it is illegal drugs or alcohol and it is even more difficult to try your best to recover. That’s why some people would seek rehab programs in order to sober up and change their lives. However, some people are worried about the rehab process. They are worried because it is unknown to them.

But what is addiction rehab really?

Simply put, rehabs are treatment programs designed to help people get over with their addiction. These programs will help struggling addicts change their life into a healthier, happier and more sober.

What happens during rehab?

Usually, rehab treatments offered by drug rehab center are tailored according to the needs of each person. Rehab treatments may vary in many ways but they all follow the same formula.

• Detox

• Therapy

• Aftercare

Detox is always the first part of any addiction treatment. Like the word suggests, the person would have to detoxify his body in order to get rid of the toxic influences in the body. The detox experience may vary depending on the substance abused or how long was person abusing it. During the detox period, the person would experience withdrawal, which is unpleasant and somehow dangerous. But with proper treatment and supervision, it is possible to reduce the suffering and discomfort.

After detox, next is therapy. Therapy sessions, whether individual or group therapy, would help address the causes of a person’s addiction and it would offer a safe and confidential place for a person to talk about his life, worries and everything that has caused pain and troubles. It is a place that allows a person to talk without inhibitions and have someone who will attentively listen and provide guidance and support. This way, the person would be healed not only of his addiction but also be healed of his worries and problems, while learning how to adapt to society and maintain sobriety.

The last step of rehab is aftercare. Basically, it is the development of the appropriate plans that will help a person remain sober and functional in the society. This may include on going therapy, finding a sober living arrangement, skills training and anything that is necessary to help a person get back on his feet.

How long does it take?

Rehab doesn’t have a specific period of time. Rehab facilities may offer 30-day, 60-day, 90-day or even longer rehab treatments. It can also be in-patient or out-patient rehabilitation. The period needed for rehabilitation would always depend on many things. First would be the severity of addiction. Then there’s the substance used, behavioural concerns, health conditions, mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of a person.

But can it cure addiction.

No! Rehab is not a cure for addiction. In fact, addiction has no cure. It can only be curbed and managed. No matter how long the rehab process is, recovery doesn’t conclude after it. It is an ongoing process and one has to be dedicated to it.

May 28 2016

What Businesses Would Need Online Marketing

A lot of experts, marketers and business professionals would say online marketing is needed so that a business would be able to experience exponential growth when it comes to its market share, customer base and profit. But sometimes, this would make you wonder do all types of business need online marketing?

I mean come on, not every business operates online.

For example, food cart businesses like hot dog stands and burger stands as well as laundromats do not need to advertise themselves over the internet. People would still flock to these humble businesses because they need them. For example, a student or a frugal office worker would still approach a hot dog stand because they are hungry and they need affordable food. Moreover, a lot of people need to do their laundry, which is why they would still come to laundromats.

The same thing can be said to convenience store, small retail outlets, markets, delis or any other business that operate on a small scale and target customers that are just within their neighborhoods.
So what kind of business would need online marketing company Denver?

Well… it has to be small and medium businesses that offer services. This would include moving companies, plumbing services, electricians, locksmiths, IT services, construction, pest control, home and office cleaning, carpet cleaning, contractors, insulation services, gardening and landscaping services, auto repair shops, valet services and many other types of services. Even businesses that provide skills development or training like acting schools, painting classes and hobby shops would require online marketing. And I believe there are many other types of businesses that I have failed to mention.

Any business that provides a specific service would really need online marketing. This is because consumers these days would search the internet to acquire the services they need. For them, it would be better to search for the services they need online because this allows them to know more about the company and find whether their services is ideal for their needs or not.

Another reason why service-oriented businesses should opt for online marketing is the fact that the competition in their fields is tough. If they don’t market their services online, then the chances of getting left behind by their competitors would increase. Sooner or later, they would be far behind their competition that they can no longer compete. Thus, this becomes a tale of another business that bites the dust.

Apr 6 2016

Excuses Small Business Make When They Refuse To Market Their Business Online

A proper marketing strategy is important to every small business. And yet there are many small business owners who would make excuses as to why they aren’t marketing their business online. They just don’t understand the benefits of online marketing. These excuses that they have would make their business lose a lot of opportunities.
Here are the common excuses business owners have for not taking advantage of online marketing.

Not enough time – A lot of small business owners would say they don’t have enough time to spend on online marketing. They would say they would rather spend their time on other important matters that would help them run their business. But the truth is making time for online marketing is a sound investment. Moreover, online marketing doesn’t require a lot of time. In fact, business owners can hire online marketing company Denver and let them manage the campaign.

I’m busy with other things – Similar to “not having enough time” excuse. Some business owners refuse online marketing because they are busy with other things. However, a small business owner should understand that when it comes to running your business, you have to take in a lot of responsibilities and tasks in order to make the business succeed. One of these responsibilities and tasks would include online marketing.

Don’t have knowledge about online marketing – Having knowledge is a plus but small business owners need not to have knowledge about online marketing. This thing can be gradually learned. Or perhaps, it can be outsourced to other people. There are consultants or firm that can help small businesses build up their image online. Yes, it may be costly, but it will be worth it when the time comes.

It is too expensive – It is understandable that small business owners do not have the same financial resources as their bigger counterparts. This is why they tightly manage their finances when running their businesses. For that reason, they become afraid to try online marketing. True, online marketing may cost them but it is never too expensive and the returns are very high.

I have no website – Indeed, when it comes to online marketing, having a website is a must but that doesn’t mean one should ignore online marketing because they have no website. There are many website building platforms online that will allow anyone to build a good website in a short amount of time. There are also professional services that can help build websites for a certain price.
Online marketing is a waste of time – This is a short sighted excuse. Online marketing is never a waste of time. In fact, it is worth it.

People know us already – There are small business owners who are satisfied with the customers they have as well as the attention they are getting. Unfortunately, if one wants to grow getting customers and attention would not be enough. What’s needed is to build a name for business and make it known to more and more people. The more people that would know them, the more customers and growth they could enjoy.

My business doesn’t operate online – So what if business operates locally? Online marketing can still help. Marketing the business online will help reach out to more people. The reach is far better than traditional advertising or word of mouth. Moreover, marketing online will allow the business to promote their products, services or special offers to people who prefer to search for business online.

Aug 29 2015

What Christmas Lighting Companies Offer

Christmas is gradually upon us and most of us know that it wouldn’t be complete without Christmas lights lighting up our house.

Christmas lights symbolizes the cheerful holiday spirit. It uplifts the mood and brings joy to people. It impresses your neighbors and makes your home livelier. Most of all, putting up Christmas lights is tradition and we all know that tradition is something we won’t let go.

When it comes to putting up Christmas lights it is better to hire christmas lights company. They are the better choice when it comes to facilitating and putting up your lights for the holiday seasons. These professional light installers would offer the best lighting installation and can provide various types of lighting services from the basic roof lighting to the more complicated Christmas light displays.

Christmas light installation companies can install lights in any way you want. They can plan the installation according to your preferences or you can choose to opt for their suggestions and ready-made plans. They will come up with a lighting design that will not only fit your home but also enhance its features. Moreover, they have professionally trained people so you wouldn’t have to worry about wrongful installation or accidents.

These companies aren’t limited to installation services only. They can also provide Christmas light bulbs and systems if you don’t have one. Of course, for a certain fee. If they provide installation services then they also provide Christmas lighting removal when the holiday season is over. They would even help in organizing and labeling the decorative lights for easier storage.

Christmas lighting companies can transform any home into a dazzling Christmas attraction. Their work can attract the attention of people all over the place. So if you are planning to set up your holiday decorations, look for a Christmas lighting company first.

Apr 30 2015

Life Insurance Is Good Thing

Image result for life insurance

Well, it is a known fact that life insurance is very important. It is important because when the time comes wherein we have to leave our family behind because of certain circumstances caused by sickness, accidents or perhaps murder, we know we would still be able to provide for them.

But the importance of having life insurance is belittled by many people. It’s hard to admit but the fact is, a lot of people are uninsured. They are uninsured either by choice or by something they cannot control (expensive premiums or cannot afford an insurance).

What makes it even worse is the fact that there are a few people who believe they don’t need life insurance in Texas. They believe that life insurances are just money making scheme made by the rich and the powerful so that they could become richer and more powerful. It is just a tool to trample and use the average Joe and Mary. Yes, there’s a tinge truth here but overall, it is still utter nonsense.

Yes, there are insurance companies that charge high premiums and don’t cover all the benefits but not all insurance companies are like that. I mean, my mother used to work for an insurance company and she often tells me stories about beneficiaries thanking her about their services and assistance. For me, those people who feel oppressed by certain insurance companies are either the unlucky individuals who were preyed upon by these companies or those who are just dumb enough to fall prey themselves.

I strongly believe life insurances are a good thing. That is what my mother have taught me and I would always other people to get insured because it would do them more good than harm.

Apr 28 2015

Would You Trust Cash For Gold Stores

Cash for Gold Stores – we know of these stores but we often overlook them. Indeed, we would see one of their ads pop up every now on then on TV and then hear more about them over the radio but we would just ignore what we see or hear. The only time we would consider Cash for Gold Stores is when we are in dire financial straits and in need of monetary assistance.

Although, we can sell gold jewelry for cash at Cash for Gold stores, many people wouldn’t trust them. It is understandable because these stores are in it for the money. It is natural because they aren’t a charitable institution but a business. However, many of these stores go to the extent of fooling customers and using dishonest methods just to make more money. An unknowing customer who is in need of money would feel more dejected when he realizes that the store has taken advantage of him.

Of course, not all Cash for Gold stores are untrustworthy and cheaters. There are others who offer fair prices and are honest to their customers. You just have to look for them, which is not that easy because it is easier to hear or find bad news about these stores than of good news. Even if you use the internet, you won’t be assured whether the information is real or not.

I guess the only way you can find trustworthy Cash for Gold stores is from trustworthy sources such as your friend, loved one or relative, especially those that have been to those stores themselves and tried their services personally.

Mar 31 2015

Inconsiderate Colleagues

download (4)I just don’t understand my colleagues. Even though there’s no reason for them to laugh at the misfortune of others. They would still laugh and make fun of it even more. I don’t know whether they are inconsiderate pricks or just plain stupid.

Maybe we had different upbringing. When I was still a kid, I was told never to laugh at the misfortune of others. Whenever I make the mistake, I would often face reprimand and iron hand of discipline from my parents, especially from my mother.

Because of how I was brought by my parents, I have come to understand that we should be considerate of other people and never laugh at their misfortunes, no matter how funny it could be.  It is wrong. Furthermore, we shouldn’t do this because we wouldn’t want it to happen to us. For me, I don’t want to be laughed at and definitely I wouldn’t do the same thing to others, well unless if that person is the one who wants to be laughed at.

Feb 26 2015

Declutter Before You Move

Stallion Moving

Moving is an experience that combines excitement and anxiety, which would gradually increase as the day for the move draws nearer and nearer. And if you are moving by yourself, then this feeling of excitement and anxiety would multiply. But if you get local moving company, then the only feeling that would multiply is the excitement since you would feel less anxious because you would have professional movers to help you with your move.

Anyways, we are not talking about moving companies here. We are gonna talk about what many people fail to do when they are going to move. And that is purging the clutter. Many people do not purge their clutter when they are planning to move. They continue to ignore the importance of decluttering that before they would even notice it, it is the day of the move and they need to be out of the house right away. Then they would realize that they cannot move right away because of all the clutter they have accumulated. This is why, before you move, start decluttering right away. I mean, you should separate the essential items to the non-essential ones. If you were able to declutter right away, you would have no trouble moving when the time comes.

But the problem with decluttering is that there are people who have attachments to their clutter… even if they haven’t used it… even if it useless or actually garbage. So when you are decluttering, you have to be prepared and be honest to yourself. If you don’t really need it, wouldn’t it be better to leave it there or throw it away rather than take it with you?